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Open letters

In this section, you’ll find all open letters we published in the medias. The open letters aim to denounce, in the media, events, publications, songs, films and programs, speeches, etc., which concern sexual assaults, which CALACS does not agree with. These letters aim to denounce, to assert the position of CALACS, but also to sensitize the population on the reality seen by CALACS, but also according to the victims.

***These are only available in french version***


21 juillet 2023. Augmentation des trousses médicolégales en Estrie


28 novembre 2022. La position abolitionniste du CALACS Agression Estrie

5 avril 2022. Augmentation des TML

5 avril 2022. L’intoxication involontaire : intervenez!


12 mars 2021. Et les droits des femmes ayant subi de l’exploitation sexuelle?