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Sexual exploitation

 Émeraude project

Émeraude is a project to provide help to womens who are currently in sex industry or for those who have been in the industry. Émeraude also have an awareness field to provide informations and education to the population related to sex industry and it’s impacts.


You are concern by a  sexual exploitation situation? 


You live or already lived situations of poverty that bring you to exchange sexual services to gain money, food, accomodation or anything else? 


You are in the sex industry? You know someone in a sexual exploitation situation?


If you wish, CALACS can (in addition to other services) :

  • Give you informations on the industry and on the impacts of sexual exploitation; 
  • Help you reduce impacts related to sexual exploitation;
  • Accompany you in your process to quit or maintain your exit of the industry;
  • Intervene in situation of danger for your safety; 
  • Offer a safesapce for discussions between survivors; 
  • Offer a place for social involvement against sexual assaults; 
  • Offer workshops where you can create and express yourself; 
  • Let you know the resources that could help you; 
  • Inform you of your rights; 


If you have any questions or if you need help, please contact Marie-Michèle at, or Joana at


If you wish to learn more about the sexual exploitation research that we did in the Eastern region, we invite you to read  L’exploitation sexuelle en Estrie: une réalité bien cachée!  by clicking on the link below: Portrait de l’exploitation sexuelle en Estrie