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Émeraude is a project created to help women who are currently in the sex industry and those who have left. It also has a prevention component, which aims to inform and raise awareness of the reality of the sex industry, and its consequences.

You live a situation of sexual exploitation?

Do you already have or live in situations of poverty that encourage you to exchange sex for money, food, shelter or anything else?

Are you in the sex industry? Do you know someone in a situation of sexual exploitation?

If you wish, the CALACS can (in addition to other services):

  • Informs you about the environment and the consequences related to sexual exploitation;
  • Work to reduce the consequences of sexual exploitation;
  • Accompany your exit procedures and maintain the exit of the environment;
  • Intervene in an emergency situation for your safety;
  • Provide a space for discussion between survivors;
  • Provide an environment of involvement to fight against sexual violence;
  • Offer workshops where you can create and express yourself;
  • Introduce you to resources that may be useful;
  • Inform you of your rights.

If you have questions or would like help, please contact Marie-Michèle at, or Kelly at