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Myth and prejudice

Many myths and prejudices surround sexual assaults. According to you, what follows true or false?

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Guys (men) attack girls (women) because they do not have enough sex ?


63% of abusers have an active sex life.

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The sexual aggressor suffer from mental illness?


97% of abusers do not have a serious mental health disorder.

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The aggressor is usually a stranger?


In more than 80% of cases, the aggressor is known to the victim.

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Some girls cause aggression because they dress and behave in a sexy way so most often it's the pretty girls who get mugged?


It is normal to want to please and it does not justify in any case that we make a gesture of violence.

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Your boyfriend or your girlfriend can not sexually assault you ?


1 in 7 women are sexually assaulted by their lover.

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A prostitute can not be assaulted?


Everything is a question of consent. If she did not want to do something, it's a sexual assault.

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Sexual assault is the least reported crime in Canada?


Only 1 in 10 women will file a complaint. A lot of girls and women are silent.

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Can one experience sexual pleasure during the aggression?


Our body reacts when it is stimulated or touched. It can happen that our body likes what we do to him and that's all normal. However, deep down we do not like it because we did not want it. If stimulations or touching are not consenting, it remains a sexual assault.

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Victims of sexual assault often become homosexual?


This is a myth because nothing proves that it is part of a factor to homosexuality.

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Making advances in the form of joke is a trivial gesture?


Any unwanted sexual advances (jokes, looks, fondling) that make the other uncomfortable is a sexual harassment.

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Uncontrollable sexual urges, that does not exist.


A person who has sex drive while talking or seeing someone is able to restrain themselves from having sex. This person does not have the right to attack to satisfy his/her need, she/he only has to masturbate if she/he does think she/he can't control it.

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The person who assaults another does it because she/he has need for control.


The aggressor uses sexuality to dominate, humiliate and degrade the victim. It is the need of control who is present and not the presence of sexual urges. This is the reason why one can ne assaulted at any age.

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Sexual aggression can be caused.


No matter ehat the victim was able to say or do, the one and only person in charges is the one who did not respect the consent and who took the action. Everyone should be able to hitchhike, go out late at night, walk in a poorly lit street, be in consumption, dress seductively without fear of being attacked. The aggressor is responsible for his actions.

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There are not many false accusations of sexual assault.


Despite popular belief, the are very few false allegations of sexual assault. In fact, the are as many as all other crimes, which is about 2%.