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What means isolate ourselves after a sexual abuse ?

Firstly, we don’t go out anymore. The fear of meeting our assailant again can stop us for going outside. We are no longer comfortable anywhere. We are bogged down between our four walls, hoping to find a little hope, no matter how small it is. In vain!

There is tremendous suffering after a sexual assault. The aggressor lowered our self-esteem to the lowest and hurt us deeply, without any pity on his part. To admit that one feels terribly lonely becomes more and more emotionally heavy to bear.


Before the situation degenerates more than it is at the moment, we must get out of our isolation. And how does one break the isolation? You have to go out and talk about it. It can be a member of your family, a trusted friend, a policeman, but please, get out of the isolation. Do not stay alone with this heavy burden that weighs heavily on your shoulders. You are not alone!

I also strongly recommend the CALACS. They will welcome you with open arms and will have no judgment about your situation. They have all the tools necessary for your healing.

Yes, it takes a lot of courage, but don’t be afraid. On the contrary, you show great courage and it is already a big step in the right direction, and you will eventually be rewarded.

In conclusion, I would like to say that, yes, there is a lot of hope even if you do not see it for now. Remember that your current situation is not your final destination, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.